Once the group is created, you should create the categories. To do this, enter the group by clicking on the name. Once inside, as in the group, in the top right corner of the screen, go to the New button. There you must fill in the following information:

  1. Enable: If you check this option, this category will be visible in the App. When the box is unchecked, this category or any of the products that make it up will not be visible.

  2. Name: Enter the name of the category.

  3. General Group: If this option has already been set up in the group, you don’t have to set it up again in the category or in the product, unless it is different. Remember that if you do not want to use general groups, you can leave it by default as – so that it has no use.

  4. Dish order: Associate a dish order by default to the entire category. In this way, when you click on a product, the order plate will automatically be assigned in the App, thus gaining speed and agility at the time of command. Recommended for drinks and desserts.

  5. Modifier category: Assign here a modifier to the entire category. When you click on one of the products that fall into this category, the modifier will show up. Learn more about Modifiers

  6. Modifiers’ groups: Assign here a modifiers’ group (more than one modifier) to the entire category. When you click on one of the products that fall into this category, the modifiers’ group will show up. Learn more about Modifiers’ Groups

  7. Tax: Set the tax here for this category.

Note: In the same way as seen in the general group, leave it by default as – to apply the tax set in the group.

  1. Printer: Set up here the printer where the command tickets will be printed. Before you must set up the printers in your business. Learn more about Printers

  2. Printers’ Group: If you want to print the command tickets on several printers at the same time, you must configure a group of printers. Learn more about Printers’ groups

Note: Don’t forget to SAVE in order to apply all the changes.