The employees are the Revo users, that is, people who work at your premises.

Each employee uses a unique 4-digit PIN to identify themselves in the Revo App. It is recommended for each employee to have their own user and not sharing one among them. That way, you make sure that each of the employees uses their permissions properly.

Once again, to create an employee, go to the Newbutton and look at the following options to set up:

  • Enable: If you check the Enable option, this user will be available in the App.
  • Name: Add the name of the employee. (Required field)
  • Surname: Add the employee's last name.
  • Email: Add the employee's e-mail.
  • Phone: Add the employee's phone number.
  • Password: Add a password if you want this employee to be able to access the Back Office with limited access.
  • PIN: Numeric value of 4 digits and unique (cannot be duplicated). (Required field)
  • Permissions: Determine what each employee can and cannot do while using the Revo App. Learn more about Permissions (Required Field)
  • Cashier: If you select a cashier for this employee, each time you enter the pin in the App, they will be assigned this cashier automatically.

Note: If you do not want to associate a cashier with an employee, you can leave the value blank (-) by default.

  • Notes: Free-use text field to record any information.

There is also the option of adding a picture to identify employees more easily. This image will be visible in the Back Office and the Revo Xef app. Recommended option for the Night work method.

How to add an image to the employee? • Click on the icon to the left of the employee's name. • Use the Select file button to upload an image. • Click on the Save button to save the changes.