To access the back-office, you require some credentials (username and password). These are unique and anyone who has this information can access. There is no connection limitation, that is, several people can access using the same user and password at the same time.

Like the app permissions, the back-office permissions allow you to establish certain permissions or accesses to different actions/functions, but instead of the app, it does it in the back-office to give access to your employees without being forced to give them the account password.

You can create as many permission groups as you need, although on a general basis, permissions are created and given according to the position or purpose.

To create a new group of permissions, we need to go to Configuration, search for back-office permissions and click on the +New button; then, a new window will open where you must establish the group name and select the permissions you want to assign.

These are the current permissions that can be set up:

  • Basic: Add a name to the permission to identify it.

  • Menu: Select the privileges to be granted from the Catalogue section of the back-office.

  • Configuration: Select the privileges to be granted from the Configuration section. In this section you will find the different options that can be given privileges and the different types of privileges that can be granted.

  • Module: Select the privileges to be granted from the subsections: Promotions and Integrations, and from the Purchase order section.

  • Access reports: Select the privileges to be granted from the Reports section of the back-office.

  • Layout: Access to customize the table plan and its rooms.

  • Account: Select the privileges to be granted from the Account section.

The different types of permission to be granted are:

  • None: Do not grant any permission.

  • View: Give view permission only.

  • View + Active: Give view permission and modify Active.

  • View + Active + Edit: Give permission to view, modify Active and edit.

  • Full: Give full permissions.

Note: You can select all the options you want, according to the permissions you want to offer your employees; they will only display the sections assigned to each one.

Once the back-office permissions profile has been created, you must select the employee you want to have those permissions.

To do this, you must scroll and carry out the following steps:

1. In the Configuration section, search for Employees.

2. We create a new employee or edit an existing one using the button.

3. In the bottom part of the employee's file we find the back-office section, there we will proceed to create a new Password and select from the drop-down menu the back-office permissions created.

4. Click on Save to confirm changes.

Note: To access the individual and customized page of each employee in back-office, they must enter with the URL: Once this is done, enter the following template in the user section: name@establishmentname. Finally, they must enter the password previously created.