The management-only products are those that we will simply use to manage our company's inventory. That is, they are the products we buy from our suppliers (raw materials) and that we do not sell to our customers as such.

Additionally, these products, even though active, will only be visible in the back-office and not in the Revo XEF app.


We have created the ingredients to make the items distribution for a prawn onigiri. These are products that will not be sold in the restaurant, so the best option is to create them as management-only products; this way, if we maintain stock control, the raw material will be deducted each time we sell the prawn onigiri.

We have previously created management products for prawns and seaweed. Now, let's see how to create the rice:

1. Access the back-office of XEF.

2. Go to Catalog / GROUPS.

3. Access the group and the category we have created for management products. In this example, we will go to Purchases / Ingredients and click on +New and select Management-only product.

4. Fill in all the information as if it were a regular product. More information about products here.
The important thing is to select the correct Units on the Inventory tab. In the case of rice, select KG. Then click Save once you have finished.

5. Now, find the Pranw Onigiri and in the Inventory tab, click on Items distribution (2).

6. Select the rice from the dropdown, add the quantity to use, and the unit. For the onigiri, we'll use 120 g of rice. Finally, click Add.

7. Now, if you access the Inventory tab of the rice, you will see that it indicates 1 Products use this as inventory. If you click on it, the list of products will appear.

8. Finally, from the STOCK MOVEMENTS report, you can see how the ingredients are deducted from stock each time a prawn onigiri is sold through the app.