The table layout is one of the most used screens in Revo XEF. From here, you can see the tables of each zone of our POS, and be able to execute some actions.

Top bar

From left to right, you will see the following actions:

  • Revo XEF menu r.

  • Chef's hat: This symbol appears when we have a dish ready in the kitchen, it is sent from the KDS.

  • : It allows us to scan barcodes or QR codes.

  • Delivery: Module to manage orders for delivery and takeaway at the restaurant.

  • Virtual: Module to create virtual tables.

  • POS: Module to create a POS command.

  • Open cash drawer: By clicking on the icon, you can open the cash drawer. The employee must have the proper permission to perform this action.

  • Employee: By clicking on the employee, it is blocked and shows the PIN screen to switch to another employee.

Table layout

From left to right, you will see the following actions:

  • Rooms: We see the names of our rooms. Clicking on them allows us to swap rooms.

  • Edit tables: Clicking on the button will allow us to access the configuration of the plan and modify the tables.

  • : Clicking on the magnifying glass will allow us to search for a table number, once entered, it will automatically open the table preview.

At a glance, we can see that the tables have different colours depending on their condition.

Note: If you want to know more about the table colours click here.

In addition to the color of the tables, the system also shows a circular icon with a number in the top right corner. That's the number of guests at the table.

Note: This icon may change color depending on the kitchen notes. In these, you can set a default color so that the color of the guests' icon changes when the note is sent. In this way, you can see at a glance if you have sent the kitchen note or not. In the image, a kitchen note was sent for tables 4.

In the upper left corner, we can see the icon , it is the image of the employee who has opened the order. If you had configured, a photo is the one that would be displayed. For more information on how to configure the employees' photo, click here.

If we have configured the KDS in our kitchens, an icon of a chef's hat will appear just above the employee's photo, indicating that there are orders already prepared.

Also, on some occasions, another icon may appear in the upper right corner with an initial. This indicates that a different rate than the standard rate applies to that table. We can see this icon in table number 13 where a special fare applies.

Finally, by swiping your finger down from a table, you can access the fast actions.

Bottom bar

From left to right, you will see the following actions:

  • Recent orders: Clicking on will display the latest orders that have been managed. We can see that the order number, the status and the name of the table are indicated. If we click on any order, it will take us directly to it.

  • Filter: If we click on we will access the filters and there, all the orders we have open will appear.

    Clicking on No filters opens a window where we can choose between the different filters available:

    Once you have selected the filters you are interested in, simply click on Apply.

  • Rooms: By swiping with your finger from left to right or vice versa, you can navigate through the different zones.