Fast Actions are those you can access in an agile way from the table layout. These help us to manage options and tasks on the tables in a really simple way. In addition, depending on the state of a table (open and active order or closed order), these actions will be different, which makes its use even more intuitive.

To access Fast Actions, simply use the gesture with your finger swiping down. That is, swipe down with the finger on a free or occupied table, and you will be shown a menu with several actions.


The tables in dark gray tell us that they are free, either because an order has not yet been managed or because one has been closed recently.

  • Occupy table: You can occupy a table to reserve it. It will ask for the number of diners, and it will be marked in a color light gray.

  • Print the last invoice: It will automatically print the last invoice collected from that table. If there is more than one payment, a list will appear to be able to select which one we want to print.


The tables of color yellow tell us that they are busy and with an open order.

  • Edit order: Select this option to enter the order and make changes.

  • Fast charge: Use this action to close the order in cash quickly. ONLY works for cash.

  • Merge/Move table: Use it to move an order when selecting a free table, or to join all the products of an order when selecting a busy table (yellow).

    • Select join/move table.
    • Select a free or occupied table. Move through other rooms at need.
    • When you get the message, click YES to confirm.

  • Move to virtual: Use it to move the whole order to a new virtual table.

    • Select Move to virtual table.
    • Enter a name for the new virtual table.
    • Click on Move to virtual table to confirm.
    • A ticket with the change will be printed.

  • Kitchen note: Select the note you want to send to the kitchen from the ones you have configured.

  • Print check: Prints the check in the printer by default of the configured cash register.

  • Back to normal: When the account on a table has been printed, this turns to orange, thus indicating that the order is pending payment. By selecting this option, the colour turns again to yellow. Very useful in case of error. This fast action only appears if the table is orange.

  • Action Log: Shows all the actions performed in a table, i.e. date, time and actions performed in the order. For example, if products have been added or removed, etc.

  • Pay via link: Clicking on this option will generate a QR code which the customer can scan, or we can send it by SMS, and pay via this method.

  • Cancel order: Use this action to cancel an order. That requires having permission to cancel orders activated and entering a reason. These orders can be viewed in the back-office.

    • Select Cancel order.
    • Enter a reason. For example: Customers had an emergency and had to leave.
    • Click on Cancel order to confirm.

  • Force order unlock: This action also requires a permission to be used. It is designed for very extraordinary cases. If the device editing an order disappears, is stolen, runs out of battery, etc. you can use it to enter from another device when the order is blocked.

    IMPORTANT: It is recommended to enable this permission only to administrative employees or managers. The misuse of this action can lead to several errors. If you use it to enter any order blocked by another device, at the moment of saving, you will get a message error and your changes will not be saved.

  • Add note: Clicking on this action will allow us to add a note to the order.