The Payment screen is one of the most used in Revo Xef. From it you can invoice and collect from our customers (by person, by items ...), either in cash or in card or in other forms of payment. You will have a calculator that will help us manage changes and tips.


You can access it in three different ways:

Access from the preview:

  • Click on the table you want to collect.
  • On the screen that appears (preview), click on the icon

Access by editing an order from the preview:

  • Click on the table that you want to charge.
  • In the screen that appears (preview), click on Edit Order.
  • Once inside the order, click on

Access by editing an order from the Fast Actions:

  • With the following gesture you can access the quick actions: With your finger, swipe from top to bottom starting from the table you want to charge.

  • Select edit order.

  • Then click on the icon


1. Split by person: You can split the total of the account in equal parts for several diners. In this way, you manage to collect from each one of them. For example, in the image above, the total is € 80.10 and there are 3 diners. Click on and then on 3, and the account will be split into three equal parts of € 26.70. Get more information in this link.

Important: When the account is split by diners, you manage the collection individually, but you get a single ticket printed with the total.

2. Split by items or products: In this case, when you click on you split by products. That’s a clear example that each diner wants to pay for the products they have consumed. Once the icon is clicked, select the products the customer wants to pay for and make the payment. Again, following the image above, click on the icon and then on Salad of quinoa, Japanese Burger and a Guiness. The customer must pay 27.80, which is the sum of the three items. Get more information in this link.

Important: In this case, each customer will be able to take the invoice with the products he has paid for.

3. Invoices: See invoices associated with the table.

4. Assign a customer to the invoice: At the time of collection, if the customer requires it, you can create the invoice by entering their fiscal data. To do this, click on and create a new customer if it is the first time you request the invoice or, if they are regular customers, simply select them from the list. In this way, when making the payment, the invoice will be printed with the fiscal data of our business and the customer’s reflected in it, so that it complies with all legal requirements. Get more information in this link.

5. Information: This part of the screen shows us if there is some amount paid, the amount pending to be charged and, on the right side, the change to be given.

6 Amount: Here you see the amount entered, using the calculator or the fixed amounts.

7 Calculator: The central zone shows us the calculator and the monetary units. Enter an amount manually using the calculator or click on the fixed amount to enter the amount given by the customer when paying, so that the system will calculate the change to be given.

8 Bottom zone: This part of the screen show the four main buttons to close a command. From left to right:

  • Print account.
  • Cash.
  • Card
  • Other forms of payment.