Creating and managing an order with Revo Xef is really simple. Whether we work with fixed or virtual tables, the operation is exactly the same. The only difference is that, when a virtual table is closed, it will disappear due to its temporary nature, while a fixed table, always displayed in the table layout, will be free to use it again.

  1. Click on a table.

  2. The screen asks for the number of diners.

Note: This screen is optional. If we are not interested in having a diner control, it can be deactivated in the Back Office.

  1. Once the diners are selected, enter the order.

  2. Edit the order using the dish orders of your business. Comparing it to the old way of taking down an order with pen and paper, it would be like writing Drinks, and adding all the drinks, then Starters, and adding all the starters, etc.

Let's see an example: Edit an order with drinks, starters and mains.

  • Select the dish order for the drinks and then the corresponding products.

Note: In this case, the dish order ST (Starters) is selected instead of DR (Drinks), but Drinks are still added in Drinks. This happens because the Drinks category has the dish order selected by default. This option can be set up in Categories and it helps us a lot to streamline the creation of an order.

  • Next, select ST (Starters) and then add the corresponding products.

  1. Select
  2. Add
  • Proceed to select the main dishes: Click first on MA (Mains) (1) and then the corresponding products (2)

  1. Select
  2. Add

  1. Finally send the order to production or else save the order without sending.

  • By clicking this button, you send the order to production, in order to start preparing the food and serving the drinks. The number, in this case the 12, indicates the products that are still pending to be sent.

  • By clicking this button, you save the order without sending anything to production. Let’s put several cases where you may be interested in saving and not sending. For example: When you want to wait for another diner who has not yet arrived, but want to save the changes introduced.