With the Find Printers option you can check the communication with the printers installed on the network. This function will allow us to print a test page, which we will use to check the correct functionality of the printer and that its ticket options are correctly configured.



  • Open the REVO menu by clicking on the r.

  • Click on “Find printers”.

  • We will look for the printer we want to install and/or check its correct operation.

Note: Printers with ✅ indicates that they are already installed.

  • Among the options we have, we can assign a name to the printer, install it, print a test page and choose the characters per line.

Note: We recommend keeping it on "Default" if you want the printouts in a generic format.

  • If we want to check an already installed printer, it will appear with the name we assigned to it, to make a test print and choose the characters per line.