It is an app that complements Revo XEF and Revo RETAIL. It is typically used on an iPod Touch or iPad Mini, although it is compatible with any iOS device.

It lets you see, in a visual and simple way, the transaction (price, product description, etc.). This is shown in real time and lets the end customer to see their order, although Its functions are not limited only to that.

It also offers, as a marketing tool, the possibility of adding promotional images and videos, along with messages or different types of surveys.


The first thing you need is to establish communication between the device that will use Display and the one that you will use with XEF or RETAIL to add products.

1. Download Revo DISPLAY from the App Store .

Once downloaded, you’ll need to configure the IP of the device with Display as static. You should write down so as not to forget it, to add it later to the configuration of the *device with XEF/RETAIL *.

Note: It’s advisable to have an IP defined outside the DHCP range to avoid any network conflict.

2. With the XEF/RETAIL device, go to “Settings/Revo” and add the IP noted above, in the “REVO DISPLAY” field, just as shown in the attached image. This is used for XEF and/or RETAIL to find the device that you are going to use as Display.

Note: Reboot both apps, on both devices, so that they link correctly.

With the previous steps completed, the devices will now be linked!


As mentioned previously, REVO DISPLAY offers the possibility of adding photos/videos and personalized surveys. Here you will see an example of adding a photo.

1. To add a photo:

  • Enter the BACK OFFICE of XEF or * *RETAIL BACK OFFICE**.
  • Go to the “Integrations/Revo Display” section.
  • In the “Select file” option, select the image that you want to upload from your device and, finally, click on “add”.

Note: The size of the photos must be 512x716 and the videos 1024x768.

The images will be shown in the order in which you have them added.

The display time of the images can also be configured. For it:

  • Go to the device where REVO DISPLAY is installed.
  • Enter “Settings/Revo Display” and in the “IMAGE DELAY” field, modify its values with the bar, which range from 4 to 60 seconds.

The same goes for videos.

In this case, use the field “SCREENSAVER DELAY”. They have the same bar, whose values range from 10 to 120 seconds.

The videos are displayed as a screen saver, which means that they are enabled when there is no activity in said period of time.

2. In the following example, you can set up a survey. For it:

  • Return to the XEF BACK OFFICE.
  • Enter “Integrations/Marketing”.
  • Next, click on “+ New” and the program will ask for a name. You can see that just below the name, you have the option to check a box. This is used to enable the option for the survey to be printed on a ticket and the customer to fill it out with a pen.

Note: By default it is disabled.

Once you have created the survey, it will be added for you to edit it.

To add content, click on the number that appears in blue. In this example, click on “0”, since no question has been added yet.

Repeating the previous steps, once inside the questions tab, add them by clicking on “+ New”. A new window will open, you will be asked for a name and type of survey you want to carry out. For this example, let’s create one focused on the quality of care offered by employees.

In the drop-down menu, Select “Satisfaction” and add the name: How was the service received?

It should look as shown in the following image:

Finally, click on “Save” to confirm the changes.

There are several types of surveys:

  • Text: Free text field to write any annotation.
  • Numbering: Numeric field to indicate any numerical annotation.
  • Range: A bar is displayed to select the desired value.
  • Score: Numbers 1 to 5 are shown to select one of them.
  • Selection: Manually add different options to be able to select when the form is displayed.
  • Satisfaction: It shows you a range with five faces to choose the degree of satisfaction using the icons.

  Select this icon to move and change the order of the questions.

  Click on this icon to enable or deenable the questions that are part of the form.

  Select this option to view statistics for your customers' responses.

  Edit any information about the question.

  Delete the question if you are not going to use it anymore.

Note: If you delete one of the questions, the statistics related to it will also be deleted.

Enable a marketing form in the Revo Xef app:

Enabling or disabling the form in the App is very simple.

  1. Go to the Revo menu r

  2. Click on to synchronize the account and download the latest changes.

  3. Enter Preferences.

  4. Select the form in Marketing Forms.

  5. Enable “show the questionnaire on the Display”.

  1. Click on Save to confirm.

Note: You can have several surveys prepared, but only show one at a time.

If the "show in survey on Display" option is disabled, the survey will be displayed in XEF every time an order is closed.

Note: To enable the form in Revo RETAIL, you must follow the same steps as in Revo XEF.