The gift card is a type of Revo Xef product. It is a solution for customers who pay in advance or who want to offer an experience in our restaurant to a family member, friend, etc.

Fiscally, it will be considered as an advance payment, so the corresponding invoice will be issued taking into account the tax rate corresponding to the service to be rendered. Once the service has been performed, a new invoice will be issued again, detailing the service provided and deducting the invoiced amount from the taxable base of the invoice and the first invoice corresponding to the gift card.

Having said that, in order to comply with current legislation, Revo Xef creates a gift card type product, which will be delivered together with the invoice when the sale is made. In other words, a gift card will be created with the selected amount charged and, in addition, the corresponding invoice will be printed when the order is received and closed. In the future, when this gift card is used, it will be reflected as a deduction of the amount in the tax base of the invoice.

KEEP CALM! This seems really difficult, but Revo Xef tries to simplify it. You have to follow several steps in the Back Office beforehand to ensure that it works properly.


To enable the operation of gift cards, follow a simple step in the Back Office:

1. Enable the Gift Card module.

  • Access your Back Office from the browser.

  • Click on Modules

  • Click on Gift Cards

  • And finally, click on Enable.

This action creates all the required settings to let you work with gift cards properly, i.e.:

  • A management-only product called Gift Card Use for internal use of gift cards.

  • A new payment method called Gift Card to collect from gift cards.

  • Finally, a Gift Card type product to create or recharge a gift card.

    • This product will have associated the corresponding tax (VAT).
    • In addition, it will be configured as an open item to be able to add the desired amount as an amount when creating or reloading a gift card.

IMPORTANT: All these actions will be created in a new group and category. DO NOT edit/delete the products created or the payment method. That would prevent the gift card process from working properly.


In those accounts created before this modification, all these actions must be enabled manually. How do you know if you must do it manually? If you want to use the Gift Cards module, and when you access it for the first time it does not show the Enable option, and the Gift card use (see picture) also does not show in Gift Product (Gift Card item), it means you must do it manually.

If on the contrary, you have been able to activate the module as seen before, you are in luck, :) you can go directly to the use of the gift cards in the app and skip all the steps that follow.

To enable it manually, you have to follow these few steps:

1- Create the management-only product Gift card use for the use of gift cards:

  • Access your Back Office from the browser.

  • Create a new group called for example: GIFT CARDS. Learn how to create groups.

  • Then click on the newly created group and create a new category also called GIFT CARD. Learn how to create categories.

  • Edit the category with the icon, and in Tax, select the one corresponding to your country of residence. For example: 10% in Spain.

  • Click Save to confirm the changes and verify that the tax has been properly set up.

  • From the +New button, click on management-only product.

  • Finally, enter Gift Card Use as name and click on Save to confirm.

2- Create the gift card type product to create or recharge the gift cards:

  • Click the button again +New (Within the same group and category created previously)

  • Select from the list a Gift Card type product.

  • Enter New Gift Card as a name.

  • In the Settings tab, enable Open Article. This way you can add any amount when creating the gift card in the app.

  • Click on Save to confirm.

Once these two steps are done, the settings would look this way (see picture).

IMPORTANT: Verify that the corresponding tax (VAT) has been properly assigned to the products.

3- Create the Gift Card payment method to collect from gift cards:

  • Access Payment methods in Settings.

  • Click on the +New button at the top right corner.

  • Enter the name: Gift Card, written exactly, including the capital letters at the beginning of each word and in English.

  • Click on Enabled.

  • Finally, click on the Save button.

4- Assign the management-only product created previously to the module:

  • Access Modules

  • Click on [Gift Cards] (

  • In gift product(Gift card item), select from the list the product Gift card use created before.

  • Click Save to confirm.

Here you are! All the steps to work properly with gift cards have been properly set up.


Once in the app, after entering the settings previously seen in the Back Office, it is important to Sync in the Revo Xef menu . In this way, your account settings will be updated.

In Revo Xef you can perform different actions with gift cards:

1. Process of creation (sale) of the gift card:

When a customer makes an advanced payment, create a gift card from Revo Xef and charge it with the amount paid by the customer. When creating a gift card, you should identify it with a UUID (a unique code).

  • Open a new order.

  • Click on the product New Gift Card created beforehand.

  • In the appearing screen, enter a UUID. It can be any text or numeric. There is also the option to generate a UUID code automatically.

IMPORTANT: If you introduce an existing UUID, instead of creating the gift card, it will recharge it with the added amount.

** Note:** It would be ideal if the business designs some cards to deliver to the client. These cards must be numbered, and the card number will be introduced in Revo as UUID, when it is sold and delivered to the customer. If not, when a new gift card is activated, a ticket is printed indicating the name and amount, as well as a barcode with the number (UUID) included.

  • Click on to confirm.

  • Then, click on the newly created gift card and enter the amount the customer gives us. For example € 100.

  • Finally, collect (close) the order in cash or card, depending on how your customer is giving you the money.

  • The gift card will be created automatically and a ticket will be printed with its corresponding barcode on the cash drawer printer.

Note: The customer will be provided with the gift card and the corresponding invoice as proof.

2. Collection process with a gift card:

Previously, we have seen how to create or recharge gift cards. The next step comes when a customer who has created a gift card wants to use it to pay.

  • Enter the order you want to collect by clicking on Edit Order or directly on the preview screen with the icon
  • Click on the button Other payment methods (bottom right) and select Gift Card.

  • Enter the UUID of the card and click on

Note: You also have the option to use the camera of your device to read the code of the gift card and thus avoid having to enter it manually.

  • Then, you may encounter two different situations:

    • The balance of the card may be higher than the total order: In this case, the order will be charged in full. You will see a message with the remaining balance on the gift card after the payment is made. And finally, you will get another message indicating that the order has been charged with a gift card and asking if you want to close it. Click OK

    • The balance of the card may be lower than the total order: In this situation, you will get a message indicating the current available balance of the gift card and if you want to collect the corresponding part of the order. By clicking OK, a part of the order will be collected. The pending amount of the order must be collected in cash, card or any other payment method you have enabled in your account.

  • In either of the two situations, the gift card appears as one more line of the order, reflected as a deduction of the amount in the tax base of the invoice.

3. Check the balance of a gift card:

When the module is enabled in the Back Office and gift cards are enabled in the system, the Revo Xef menu shows a new option: Gift card balance. As its name indicates, it is used to make balance queries.

  • Click on the Revo Xef menu

  • Enter the Gift Card Balance.

  • In the new screen, enter the UUID and then . The balance will be displayed on the screen.

  • By selecting the icon , you can reprint the gift card in case it has been lost.

4. Make a refund as a gift card:

There is the possibility of returning the money in a gift card. For example, you know a customer has an active gift card and you must make a refund for whatever reason; it can be done in a conventional way by giving back the money or it could be done as a recharge on the gift card.

  • Edit a collected order.

  • Delete one or several products you want to refund. For example, they have been charged into an order by mistake.

  • Click on

  • You will get a message asking if you want to make a refund by returning the money, or if you want to recharge a gift card.

  • Click on the second option: Gift card

  • On the next screen, use the camera to automatically read the customer's gift card code, or enter the UUID manually.

  • Click to confirm.

Automatically the order will be closed again and the amount refunded will be recharged on the gift card.