To access the Revo Back Office, you require some credentials (username and password). These are unique and anyone who has this information can access. There is no connection limitation, that is, several people can access using the same user and password at the same time.

Currently there is a type of user with reduced permissions, i.e., an option for users who have to enter the Back Office but can not access settings or sales reports. This type of user is usually created for the restaurant managers to have access to change or modify products, but not to the rest of the information.

How to create a Back Office user with reduced permissions:

  1. Access the section of Back Office users.

  2. Edit with the icon the user required to have access with reduced permissions.

  3. Enter a password in the corresponding field. This will be the password used to enter the Back Office.

  1. Click on Save.

How to access the Back Office with a user with reduced permissions:

  1. Access the Back Office

  2. The user to enter is different from a normal user. Instead of accessing with a user, you must enter the following combination:

    User: User name (revo)@Name of the account (revoeng).
    Example: revo@revoeng

  3. Enter the password you have created previously for this user.

    Example: examplepwd

  4. Click on Login.

As you can see in the following image, once you access the Back Office as a user with reduced permissions, you can only enter and modify Groups, but not the rest of the options.