Seat Management is a requested and very useful option for some businesses needing to manage the orders and detail the dishes or products requested by each of their customers. This way, the waiter does not have to ask the diners who asked for each product when delivering the food/drink to the table.

To enable seat management, you must enter the Revo XEF back-office.

1. Go to Order configuration.

2. Select from the drop-down menu the option Seat management.

3. Click on Save.

Note: Remember to sync the Revo XEF app after the changes are introduced in the back-office.

In the Revo XEF app, when opening a new order and after indicating the number of diners, you will see icons with numbers, one for each of the selected diners. For example, if you have indicated 2 diners when opening an order, 2 icons will appear: 1 2.

The operation of an order changes slightly if you want to use Seat Management:

1. Select a dish order. For example: Drinks.

2. Select Seat number 1 and enter the drink.

3. Next, select seat number 2 and enter the drink. Repeat the steps until you have ordered all the drinks.

4. Now it's the turn of the food. Select the dish order: For example, Starters.

5. Just as with the drinks, enter the starters for each one of the diners.

6. Same steps for mains and desserts.

Note: Select the button -- to see all the dishes ordered by dish order.

If you use Seat Management, you get a new functionality at the time of collecting the order: Split by items by selecting the seat. In this way, the products ordered by that person will be automatically selected. Let's see how to perform this function:

1. Click the payment button.

2. Click the split by items button.

3. Instead of selecting the items manually, simply select one of the seat icons, and it automatically selects the products that this customer has consumed. This way, you save a lot of time closing an order when diners want to pay for items.