In this section you can create pre-established discounts to use in the App. Creating a discount is very easy. Let's go to the New button and fill in the following information:

  • Enable: If you check the Enable option, this discount will be available in the App.
  • Name: Add the name to the discount. This name will show up in the App and in the invoice.
  • Discount percentage: Enable this option if you want the discount to be a percentage. With this option disabled, the discount will be an amount.
  • Discount: Add the amount.
  • Apply to: You get 3 options:
    1. Product: The discount will only apply to products.
    2. Order: The discount will only apply to the total of the order.
    3. Both: The discount will be applicable to products and to the order.

In this example, the system creates a pre-established discount of 10% which can only be applied to products. By editing the discount and unchecking the discount percentage check box, the App would apply a discount of €10.

Note: A discount can be edited, deleted if it is not going to be used anymore, or simply disabled so that it stops showing up in the App temporarily.