New features:

  • Daily menu selector now displays the current stock as it does the standard product selector.
  • Stock is shown with decimals.
  • Option to pay more with card adding the difference to the tip.
  • If printing fails, it displays a more concrete error.
  • Until now, when a content item was paid, you couldn't break it down. Now you can!
  • Gift cards new accounting system: Now they are used as item with negative value so its amount is not counted twice in order totals.
  • You can set a price rate for your delivery orders.
  • Improved new delivery screen, faster and with address autocompletion.
  • Added new delivery reports with delivery time and a map view.
  • Feature to active/inactive the payment methods.
  • Kit elements can have an associated dish order.
  • From now on, the delete contents permission is totally restrictive in the working modes without tables (TPV, Night).
  • A new feature has been added to apply a discount to multiple contents. You can access it by sliding your finger up in the discounts icon.
  • Price rate can be changed in iPhone as well.
  • Added Autolayout for iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPad Pro.
  • Till in and out now uses the denominations of the currency you have selected.
  • We have added the card till out so we can see the card offset in report x and z.

Back Office:

  • Price rate sales report.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes printing report x/z in night mode.
  • The preferences in report x/z are applied in the preview screen.
  • Fixes bug that closed the order twice When pressing multiple payment methods at the same time.
  • Missing translations added.