Revo has a module to manage orders for delivery and takeaway at the POS. This one is very specific and totally focused on businesses that have this need.

To activate this module in the Revo Xef app, you must check the option: Use Delivery in the Back Office.

Next, enter the Notification Minutes by default, for the App to notify that there is a delivery command pending. This notification is meant for delivery orders that are not immediate. For example, a customer calls us and requests a command for 21:00 this evening. If you set up 45 min as notification time, the system will notify us at 20:15 that the command is pending for 21:00. In this way, you will have time to prepare it and deliver it at the specified time.

In addition, if you have a specific rate for delivery or takeaway products, you can select it from the list. If not, it can be left by default and the system will charge the basic prices specified for that product.

Note: To be able to apply a rate for delivery orders, the products must have it set up. Otherwise, the system will always apply standard prices. In other words, if you sell a Product A regularly at €5 and for delivery you want to sell it at €4, you must specify a price for it. If you do not have this rate, the standard rate (€5) will be charged.

To finish, in Drivers, create all the employees used to deliver the orders.

  • With the New button on the upper right corner, create a new Driver.

  • Enter the name of the employee.

  • Click on Save to confirm the changes.

The Delivery option does not show up in the App?

This option appears next to the Virtual button (virtual tables) when, as mentioned beforehand, the module is activated in the Back Office.

In addition, it is essential that the active user has the permissions for Delivery enabled.