New Description
Offline This version comes with Offline support. Learn more here
Timed Events Timed events, perfect for happy hours! Learn more here
Users cashiers Users can have a default cashier.
Close shift restrictions Added options to restrict when a shift can be closed.
Automatic presence Option to enable the auto presence in.
Modifiers with No option All modifiers come now with the No option. For example, onion | no onion
Authorizations Option to authenticate actions by asking for the manager's pin.
Kitchen notes color You can now add color to kitchen notes.
KDS : Cook time management A new very powerful option to manage the cook times within the KDS with Time Management.
KDS : Cloud configuration Now you can create the configurations in the backend and link them to your KDSs.
KDS : Notify Revo-Xef You can now notify xef that dishes are ready.
KDS : Presence You can enable presence control in KDS.
KDS : Reprint The order headers is shown as gray when it is a reprint.
Selling formats Equal selling format items are stacked
Ask guests New option to use the count of menus as number of guests.
Report Z General You can now print a report Z for all the cashiers.
Multiple card selector If you add payment methods that start with Card they will be asked to be selected when pressing card.
Kits New product KIT that will add all items in it as well itself
Print queue Added a print queue when printing large number of tickets

Bug Fixes

  • Edit order without preview : It didn't check if the order was still saving, now it does.
  • No more duplicated In/Outs when pressing the save button while still saving.
  • Fixes some random crashes.
  • Fixes stock setting to 0 when updating a product in the backend.
  • Improved the print check management from the tables layout as well as the preview screen to avoid outdated prints.
  • Customers are shown sorted by name.