The following options have been added:

  • Multiple product selector to apply actions

    Now actions, such as change table, move to menu, pick up later, apply a discount, change the dish order and fast entry, are much faster and more optimal to execute. In addition, with a long press on the icon of the multiple selector, the products of the order are separated individually to be able to apply actions individually on products grouped by default.

  • Actions when receiving an external payment with Revo SOLO XPress or similar

    Added options when receiving an external payment on an order: (1) play a sound, (2) print a ticket, (3) play a sound and print a ticket, or (4) none. Very useful for integrations.

  • Modification of the employee name at the table in POS mode when changing user

    This facilitates the identification of said order in the display of open tables.

  • Presence screen

    The opened presence screen has been improved, providing it with more information and a visual hierarchy to match the data displayed.

  • New fields in the printing of the Report X/Z

    Two new fields have been added to show in the Report X/Z editor related to the cash machine: "Total recycler drawer" and "Total recollection drawer".

  • New privilege to reprint

    A new privilege has been added to be able to reprint the order ticket.

  • Gift cards

    Now you can create the gift card in QR code or barcode format.

  • Icon and visualization improvements:

    Actions on products: New product actions (those that are accessed with the gesture sliding from left to right). They are now displayed in a list and with new icons.

    Order Actions: New icons in order actions (those accessed with the three dots icon at the bottom of the order) to give it better functionality.

    Accessories in content: In the content of an order, an icon is now displayed to display: menus, product by weight and chairs.

    History quick actions: New icons in the history quick actions, to give it better functionality.

    Some of these icons are supported as of iOS 15

The following items have been improved:

  • In delivery order payments

    Now, when there is an integration with a cash machine or card payment terminal, when closing an order with the cash or card payment methods, it will be displayed and managed correctly, requesting the amount on the screen and processing the payment properly.

  • Refunds

    It is no longer allowed to make a return of a refunded invoice.

  • Amounts entered in the cash machine

    Now, on the printed invoices, when an order is charged, the concept of the amount entered in cash and the change given by the cash machine will appear.

  • TicketBAI

    Test mode has been added to the integration to be compatible with the different licenses.


Resolution of the following incidents:

  • The erroneous display of the price on the ticket with products with sales formats, menu products with supplements, open products where the price is modified in the app, when it was divided by items and the print check ticket was printed.

  • The erroneous display of the total to pay, when a tip had been entered in the previous POS order.

  • The error of requesting the PIN when clicking on the POS button, when the configuration determined that the PIN should only be requested when collecting an order.

  • In the deactivation of products, without having selected the platform, it was possible to press the deactivate button directly, and it caused an error.

  • The erroneous display of the amounts corresponding to each type of tax in the invoices.

  • Erroneous rounding off of taxes when they are not included in the price of the product.

  • The error in editing menus with quick entry, when a product is selected in a dish order other than the one configured in the back-office.

  • The wrong printing of the entries in the invoice, when they were grouped in the same line.

  • The erroneous impression of the general groups in the invoice.

  • Errors in the integration with the CashDro cash machine.

  • Errors in the integration with the TicketBAI tax and financial system.