The following issues have been solved:

  • Integration with Cashlogy:
    • the amount admitted when giving change was not always shown.
    • Generic cash machine error warnings were not always captured.
    • the wrong quantities that were shown in the partial emptying option.
    • generic communication errors.
    • Unexpected crash of the app when consulting the recycler quantities.

  • Integration with Mews:

    • an error occurred when wanting to send an order with more than four invoices.

  • Integration with Glory:

    • the emptying messages in the integration with the CI-10 model.

  • The "Capture QR Code" option did not work correctly when the barcode reader was connected directly to the device.

The following options have been added:

  • New configuration in the app preferences, associated with the printing of the tickets that the cashier prints. It is now possible to choose a printer other than the cashier for printing the tickets (print check and simplified invoice).

  • New functionality in the preferences of the app, so that the orders are closed automatically after 30 minutes, as long as they are already paid and remain open in the system.

  • New catalog size in preferences. Now we can enjoy a better configuration of the products in the app.

  • in Mews integration:

    • possibility of resending commands that have failed since history.
    • Expansion of the activity log to have more information on possible incidents.