The following options have been added:

  • you can now display Revo KDS tickets on a second screen (e.g. on a TV monitor). You can choose between four options on this second screen:

    • Duplicate: View the same content from the iPad.

    • Show the summary: shows the summary of all the dishes to be cooked, being able to customize even the font size.

    • Show tickets: see tickets sorted by the number of rows selected, seizing the TV monitor size. In this way, you can view more tickets at once.

    • Status summary: shows different order status: summary, pending, in progress and done.

      ℹ️ Connect the KDS to a second screen (TV) via HDMI cable.

  • You can choose how many rows of tickets you want to see both on the iPad and on the second screen.

  • Now you have new filters available to sort and filter orders by channels.

  • new option to make the timers start when one of the items in the order changes to the status "in progress".

  • now the courses orders no longer have to arrive at the KDS alphabetically, but in the order that you define in the back-office.

  • if you have activated the option "sum quantities" and you have the same items in different states ("in progress" or "done"), the items are no longer added to the same row, but added to a new row.

  • now you can mark as "already seen" and remove the "new" dot by long-pres on the item for 2 seconds.

  • if an item is marked with the "new" dot, and you change the status of the item as done", this first mark disappears. In this way, when a new item arrives at the order, you can identify in a way clearer what was the last change.

  • the order notes are adjusted to your screen length. It especially helps to visualize much better the orders that arrive from the delivery platforms.

  • orders from delivery platforms (Glovo, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Deliverect, etc.), arrive with their corresponding icon to identify them more easily.

  • self-print individually marked products. With this option enabled, marking an item as "done" automatically prints an individual waiter ticket.

    ⚠️️ This option disables the general waiter ticket printing.

The following incidents have been resolved:

  • you see again the name of the WiFi network where you are connected.

  • if you send the same kitchen note multiple times, it is now duplicated and no longer deleted as before.

  • various issues that impact the overall performance of the app have been improved.