The following options have been changed:

  • now in the kitchen ticket, you can add the fields address, date, channel and mode of delivery orders.


The following bugs have been fixed:

  • that made two equal modifiers in a group of modifiers, the second one, even being "forced", it was not mandatory to select it.
  • what made the mPOS not take into account tips.
  • where the reason entered in returns or cancellations did not appear in the Back Office.
  • in the message where the change is shown, it did not round correctly.
  • an unexpected shutdown in integration with Deliverect.
  • when the order was forcibly unlocked at the time of payment, it generated inconsistencies in the numbering of invoices.
  • on the iPod / iPhone version, totals were not displayed correctly on the preview screen.
  • slow printing of some models of Star printers.
  • an unexpected closure when creating a new customer at the time of collecting an order or from the historical menu.
  • when it is a delivery order, now the same information appears on the dealer's ticket and the invoice.