The reports in Revo Xef have a great importance to assess your business properly and in real time. Through the Back Office, you can easily access and consult sales, management, activity, control and stock reports.

How to access reports

  1. Access the Back Office

  2. Click on the Reports icon.

  3. Select the required report.

General operation of the reports

All the reports have a series of actions common to all of them:

1. Dates: By default, when you click on the dates, some predetermined selections show up: Today, Yesterday, This week, This month, Last 30 days, Last 60 days, Last 90 days. If you select Custom Range, you can enter the dates through the calendar showing up or manually, using the dd-mm-yyyy format and then clicking on the Filter button.

2. Filters: By clicking on the Show filters button, the system shows other types of filters different to Dates. These may vary depending on the type of report.

  1. Day: You can select one or several different days of the week.

  2. Time: S elect a period of hours to filter.

  3. Employee: Select one or several employees.

  4. Rooms: Select one or several rooms.

  5. Rates: Select different rates.

Note: Once the filters are applied, click on the Filter button to carry out the search.

  1. Summary: The last of the filters found in all the reports is Summary. These, unlike the rest, group by the selected summary. For example, select the Orders report and sum up by employee, and the total of orders will be grouped for each one of the employees, in the selected dates.

It can be summed up by day, month, employee, discount, tables, rooms, etc... Summary options will show up depending on the selected report.

3. Export:

All reports can be exported in csv or xls format. To do this, click on the Export button on the top right side of the screen and select the format.